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The spread is the difference between the ask (buying) price and bid (selling) price for an underlying asset, and it is the commission paid by the trader.

The spread has a significant impact on your return from your trading strategy. Traders profit from buying low and selling high. Wider spreads mean you are required to buy higher and sell lower, whereas a tight spread guarantees you are buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price.

It is important to be aware that spreads are variable and traders must take fluctuations in the spread into consideration when setting their trading strategy.   


View our complete list of average floating spreads in the table below.

Product Definition Average Floating Spread
 AUDCAD Australian dollar – Canadian dollar 4
 AUDCHF Australian dollar – Swiss franc 3.4
 AUDJPY Australian dollar – Japanese yen 2.8
 AUDUSD Australian dollar - US dollar 2.7
 CADJPY Canadian dollar - Japanese yen 2.8
 CHFJPY Swiss franc - Japanese yen 3.4
 EURAUD Euro - Australian dollar 3.6
 EURCAD Euro - Canadian dollar 3.8
 EURCHF Euro - Swiss franc 3
 EURGBP Euro - Pound sterling 2.7
 EURJPY Euro - Japanese yen 2.8
 EURTRY Euro – Turkish lira 11
 EURUSD Euro - US dollar 2.4
 EURNOK  Euro - Norwegian Crone  42
 EURPLN  Euro - Polish Zloty 20
 EURSEK  Euro - Swedish Krona  32
 GBPAUD Pound sterling - Australian dollar 4.6
 GBPCAD Pound sterling - Canadian dollar 4.8
 GBPCHF Pound sterling - Swiss franc 4.8
 GBPJPY Pound sterling - Japanese yen 3.5
 GBPUSD Pound sterling - US dollar 2.6
 GBPNZD Pound Sterling - New Zealand Dollar 7.0
 GBPTRY Pound Sterling - Turkish Lira 13.0
 NZDUSD New Zealand dollar - US dollar 3
 USDCAD US dollar - Canadian dollar 2.8
 USDCHF US dollar - Swiss franc 3.2
 USDJPY US dollar - Japanese yen 2.4
 USDTRY US dollar - Turkish lira 7.0
 USDDKK US Dollar - Danish Krona  8.8
 USDMXN US Dollar - Mexican Peso 55.0
 USDNOK US Dollar - Norwegian Crone 40.0
 USDPLN US Dollar - Polish Zloty 36.0
 USDSEK US Dollar - Swedish Krona 40.0
 USDSGD US Dollar - Singapore Dollar 6.40
 USDZAR US Dollar - South African Rand 70.0
 XAGUSD Silver 3.4
 XAUUSD Gold 40
GAUTRY Gold - Turkish Lira 9.0
 GAUUSD Gold - US Dollar 4.3
 CADCHF Canadian dollar - Swiss franc 4.3
 NZDCAD New Zealand dollar - Canadian dollar 4.3
 NZDCHF New Zealand dollar - Swiss franc 4.3
 NZDJPY New Zealand dollar - Japanese yen 3.3
 EURNZD Euro - New Zealand Dollar 4.3
 AUDNZD Australian dollar - New Zealand dollar 3.0


* Under certain circumstances, market conditions may cause spreads to widen beyond the typical spreads displayed in the above table

Please note:

I. As a consequence of credit market fluctuations, Domino Forex may change its rollover rates. To see a complete list of our overnight rollovers, please view our Rollover page.

II. Overnight Rollover is calculated at 21:00 GMT on the MT4 platform, with the rollover sum charged or credited directly to and from your trading account. Be aware that on Wednesdays, at 21:00 GMT, as compensation for the upcoming weekend, overnight rollover fees are multiplied by three.

Domino Forex reserves the right, at its own discretion, to widen spreads, lower leverage, control maximum order amounts and limit clients' overall exposure. To see Domino Forex’ Margin Requirements, please view our Margin Requirements page. Please view our Terms and Conditions page to see our full terms.


Risk Warning: Forex and CFDs are leveraged products. Forex and CFD Trading is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all type of investors. You may go to Risk Warning Page for detailed information. Trading on margin and leveraged products increase your exposure to risk. You may potentially lose some or all of your investment.

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